Its all over

A month of joy, a month of waiting and finally it all gone… Last Saturday segala-galanya telah berkahir. What I feel right now, I don’t know. All are mix up…sedih, marah, frustrated or may be relieve. Jika pilih icon kat YM I will pick the straight face Why relieve???? It because I be waiting for the decision for a month. Aku bukan jenis yang suka benda yang pending tak tentu arah. No matter how bad the thins turns up, I will face it daripada “hang” begitu aje. So tired with this game… All i want is simple love

Now it the time for me to walk away. Sad? Yes I am. But at least I am the person that had courage that take step to face the reality. Not just sat silently. Mad? Yes I am. You are the one who told me what commitment is. And suddenly you have amnesia about the meaning of commitment. You don’t have courage to carry the packet with label of commitment”. Frustrated? Sangat-sangat……frustrated dengan ape yang terjadi. So fast you enter my life, so fast you want me to accept you, and just a blink of eyes you want it to end up just like that.

Yeah…mungkin kau bukan yang terbaik untukku. “Tuhan nak beri yang lebih baik untuk awak”. Itu bunyi SMS dr my dear friend Zirr, last Friday bila aku tanya, “Am I going to be fine if this relationship end up?” And the SMS burst my tears. Now I’m in the middle searching why he is not good enough for me? All the questions mark flying inside my cramp brain.

Well dear, if 400km distance between 2 countries he can’t handle, he said it too burden; macam mana lah dia nak handle responsible after marriage yang lebih banyak dugaan. Stop blaming yourself for nothing. He also wants you to change for not be what you are currently. Your future life-partner should accept you as what you are. Like Bill Rancic accepts Guilana even she is so “sengal”. That is commitment for me. Terima lah pasangan anda seadanya. Or you will drag yourself in miserable relationship.

You will be ok. Stop blaming yourself if it has to be end up this way. Don’t be sad. Stop worry. Physically you are small but you have strong spirit that surrounded with love from your family and friend. You be fine….Insya-Allah.

P/s: Special thanks to my sis, my cuzzy (Nadiah n Jiji), my dear friend Fadh and Zirr for holding my hand to walk through this tough journey

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