1 day before...packing time

11 May 2010 - Try my luck today to money changer, but I`m not so lucky i guess. The Thai bath dah naik semula...looks like their currency is so strong even negara dia orang sedang bergolak. I wonder if that happen to Msia does our currency maintain strong. I hope so.
Today must pack my thing. Tak semua pun at least kena pack separuh. Slalu sangat den ni packing last minute kalo nak gi vacation. Lagi pun Air Asia change our flight time. daripada kul 10 lebih, jadi kul 7 pagi. Adoi besok kul 4 lebih dah nak kena gerak. So, if i dont pack my thing tonight mesti kalut nanti.
Kali ni nyer vacation i am so excited to go. First time pegi negara orang without adult around me...hehehe. Nearly a month I do research and prepare the itinerary. Sangat teruja untuk berjalan me'relax'kan minda...Leave out some of the problem for a moment and take a break...

Suddenly after dah siap packing (separuh jer siap, actually);I feel scared plak nak gi. What if I get stranded over there? What if any thing happen to me there? Haaiishhh, why must I think so much.May be this is my first trip to go alone without any travel agency...hehehe. Bukan nyer travel alone pun, gi dengan my best travelling friend, Zirr. Ok stop thinking too much, everything will fine. Just enjoy the trip....Insya-Allah.

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